Courtney Says, “Hi” and Introduces Herself

Hey! My name is Courtney, and about 7 years ago my life was turned upside down. I was diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency. I was always sick as a child, and no doctor could figure out why this was. One day my Pediatrician saw the symptoms and said that I needed to be tested. To be honest even today after having PIDD for7 years I still can’t explain what it is and how it all works. All I know is that it sucks, but God gave me it for a reason. This blog Is my way of sharing how I have learned to cope with PIDD. I hope to let other children and teens be aware of what PIDD is and help them to know that they are not alone.

The worst feeling is when you know that you have some strange disorder, and you have no one else who can relate. I feel like I tell my mother all the time “you have no idea what it is like to feel awful everyday”.  I try very hard to live a normal life, but many times it is very hard. I know my mother would like me to live in a bubble, but I know that is not an option and she knows that too. I do not always handle my PIDD in the correct ways.  Many times I stay up way to late when I know I need sleep or I drink after people when I know that is how you get sick. Learning to cope with PIDD is hard. It is hard to figure out how to act like a normal teenager. I can honestly say I still have not figured it out completely, but I know that I am taking one day at a time. I learn new things about my body every day. If you are a teenager or even a parent of a teenager with PIDDD and have any questions please feel free to comment and ask questions that is what this is for.


Courtney’s Corner

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