Crud – It’s Not Just The Infections Anymore

Not just a Cold

After awhile you become immune to new bad news. You learn to expect the unexpected and to go with the flow. The Immune Deficiency websites warn that sometimes a whacky immune system turns on its own body. Yep, the very system inherently designed to protect you, causes new problems.

Kids with PIDD can sometimes grow out of the disorder. The onset of puberty can cause the immune system to kick in. Unfortunately, in Courtney’s case that does not seem to be happening. Instead it seems that she may be one of those kids who finds themselves with some new complications. Her joints in her knees, back and hips have been aching for some time now. Recently she noticed that her fingers are stiff in the mornings. Riding her horses seems to make her knees and back hurt worse. (Though not enough to slow her down.)

She takes Celebrex twice a day and claims it is “useless” (her words). On her last appointment, her immunologist let a deep sigh slip out when she was complaining about her joints. I quickly chimed in that maybe her hip pain was not the same as the other joints. He said, “No, it is related and I think it is time to see a Rheumatologist.”

Courtney’s comment was, “Great, another “oligist”.” She has often joked that she has more “oligists” than her grandparents.

A quick “Google” search told me that inflammatory arthritis is not uncommon in these cases. Sure enough that was the diagnosis present to us by the rheumatologist. Courtney’s knees, ankles and toes were full of fluid.

One of the difficulties of taking a weekly infusion of immunoglobulin is that it makes blood tests rather complicated. When trying to test for things that impact the immune or auto immune system, the infusion can result in some unusual results.

So, we waited until the last day before her next infusion and showed up at the lab for blood tests. Courtney asked the phlebotomist how many tubes she would take. She replied that she was not done counting. (That did not bode well.) Twelve tubes later, Courtney left the lab joking, “ I feel faint, I need fluid.”

We await the results of the blood test, but not with much enthusiasm. In fact yesterday Courtney said, “Why don’t you just go and pick up the bad news on your own. I am kind of tired of it myself.”

I wish I could. I wish I could take all of it on. I hate this. Nothing hurts like watching your child hurt. Stay tuned for the outcome. If you have some experience with this, we would love to hear it.

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