Horses – Why I Do Too Much

Courtney On Flicka at a Show

Hey there! One thing you should know about me is that horses are my life! They are my passion, they are everything to me and often they are my reason for living. About two weeks ago I was told that I have inflammatory arthritis. I had a feeling that something was wrong when I could barely make it through a one-hour riding lesson. My back began to hurt and my knees became very stiff and painful. Sometimes at this point, I almost just want to get off.  This was heartbreaking for me, and it scared me. My horse riding is what gets me up in the morning it is what keeps me at school! I spend every Saturday at the barn, and I have so much fun. My horses are like my family in a way.

Many times my mom will want me to stay home and not go to the barn. She thinks that I need sleep or I need to rest, but I always go to the barn no matter what she says. The rule in my family is that if you miss a day at school no riding that day, so I strive to go to school just for my one hour of pure joy. Its hard to have to struggle with sports and outside school activities when you are always sick and you don’t feel good, but you cant live in a bubble. It is all about time management and knowing your body. Now I have not figured this out yet (Ha Ha). I push myself much too hard many times especially on show weeks. On show weeks I spend every day out at the barn. Sadly on Monday I pay for it. That’s when mom gets to play the “I told you so game”. If you have any comments or questions please comment! What do you do to make yourself get up?

God Bless

Courtney’s Corner

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