Pills, Pills and More Pills

Pills, Pills and More Pills

For us Primary Immunodeficiency (PIDD) has not been a single diagnosis in an otherwise normal life. We seem to have lots of variables and lots of doctors. Each new complaint results in what Courtney calls “another oligist” She has a cardiologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist and the list goes on. Each new doctor seems to result in a new pill. They all say they don’t like adding a pill, but they do it anyway. I am careful to use the same pharmacy, because I am terrified that she will have a bad interaction at some point. And I am certain that no drug company has tested their drug against the exact combination of what she is taking. So, how do they know?

In most cases the pills have performed as expected and made her life better. So far there have been no drug interactions or problems. However, a few months ago, my oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, started taking a new medication that Courtney was already on. I reported that Courtney had not had any side effects and that the drug had been very effective. Over the next 3-5 weeks, Kaitlyn had numerous annoying but not serious side effects. She ultimately found the medication to be very helpful.

I started to wonder; did Courtney have those side effects? Did she just assume that they were a part of her other various aches and pains and illnesses? Or, did she have some other medication that was masking the symptoms? When I asked her, she didn’t really have any recollection and told me I was over reacting.

But, I worry. I know that medicine has come a long way and I know that each doctor is doing the very best for my child. I just wonder. I sat down and thought about each of her doctors and I trust each of them. I don’t really know what the alternative is.

But I do know that it is important to have one doctor who is aware of and active in all her care. Courtney’s immunologist is my first line of defense. I go through him for every referral and every complication. I use the doctor’s he recommends and I don’t start something new unless he knows about it. I presume that he has seen this before and he knows what he is doing. I spend a lot of time on the Internet reading all I can and I ask if I find a question. He is always ready and available to answer all my questions.

If you have a child who is in this situation and you don’t have a doctor acting as the coordinator for all his or her care, I would highly recommend that you find someone you can trust. Then be sure you pay attention too. You are your child’s best advocate. Let me know what you think? God Bless, Kelli

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