Sick Friend -Weekend Trip

Face Mask in a Crowd

Face Mask in a Crowd?

A couple of weeks ago my daughter went out of town with one of her friends. About mid-day Saturday she called to ask me what to buy at the drugstore for her friend who had a sore throat, cough and fever. My response, “ Don’t go to the drugstore, get away from her, hide in another room, get a face mask and don’t be around her unless you are wearing it. Wash your hands. I am on my way to pick you up.”

While that was screaming through my brain, I managed to not say it. It was too late now. I gave her the help she needed and said I was sorry about her friend. I was not able to completely keep my mouth shut. “Courtney, please wash your hands and try not to get too close.”

Her response, “I’m not an idiot Mom, I know what to do.”

As I hung up the phone, I knew we would be dealing with a child who returned home sick and probably unable to go to school on Monday. Sure enough that is what happened. Having PIDD means that she gets almost everything that comes along.

So as parents what do we do? If I keep her home in a bubble that might give her a better chance of being well on Monday then does she become an emotional Neanderthal? She constantly reminds me that she is a freak and everyone knows she is different. (Maybe I could convince her to wear a surgical mask at school or at least at extracurricular events?)

What is the balance? The medical or the emotional? I have faced this so many times in 14 years that I feel like I should know the answer, but I don’t. Do you?

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