Too Many “Ologists”

One of the biggest problems with immunodeficiency has been that it is not a single problem, at least not for us. If we only had specific antibody disease we could take our infusions and move on. But about 23% of people with PI, also have autoimmune complications. It began with the precursor to Type 1 Diabetes, then Ankylosing Spondylitis and now some kind of gastrointestinal problem. Courtney has had one round of endoscopy and colonoscopy and now looks like she may head back for another.

In this arena there are never easy answers, the test results are never normal, the findings are always skewed. We have a wonderful Immunologist who does a great job coordinating care; he keeps track of all her medications and follows up on all her complaints. But she has an entire list of what she calls her “ologists”. And most of them are not as familiar with the impact that her immune system has on their area of medicine.

I know that medicine is not an exact science, but I wish someone could tell me where we are headed. Individually each issue is painful and requires management and would be tough for a teenage girl to deal with, but all of them together. I can’t even imagine how she must feel. The uncertainty and the sense of loss of control of her own life, yet she soldiers on. She is my hero.

The truth is that finasteride results at the point is not exactly clear how propecia results can influence your judgment. You worry at the momentum.

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