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Hello, thank you for visiting. My name is Kelli, my husband is Terry. Our 14-year-old daughter Courtney was diagnosed at age seven with Primary Immunodeficiency.

Having spent 20 years in corporate America, ten years ago, Terry and I started the first of several companies. Being a full time working mom was a challenge, but having a child with PIDD further complicated it. Working for ourselves allows us the time required for doctors, illness and infusions.

I believe that God provides us each with skills, spiritual gifts, experiences and circumstances. From this we are given the opportunity to serve. Courtney’s PIDD has affected our whole family. I have made too many mistakes to count. We fall down and we get back up frequently. Courtney has met and overcome many challenges. If you take some time to look at “Courtney’s Corner” she will share her perspective. If we share our stories and lives and you share yours we will grow together as we continue this journey.

Many fine web sites exist for the medical knowledge and treatment of PIDD. Foundations, drug companies and medical facilities can educate you admirably. Go to our “Resources” page to find just a few that I use. We are not reinventing the wheel, our desire is to share experiences and emotions.I don’t have all the answers, but I can assure you that I have felt all the emotions. It is my prayer that this site blesses you and helps in your walk. I hope you will share often as you walk your unique path.

Check back and share whenever you can. Ask your questions and help us all on our walk. I pray that God Blesses you today and gives you the strength you need. I look forward to getting to know you. Kelli

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