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Living Life on The Roller Coaster

A few days ago Courtney posted the following on her Facebook Page, “Some hours are good some are just plain awful!!!! Will all the hours ever be okay? I’m not so sure anymore. I think I have given up hope.” It broke my heart but lately that has sure seems like the pattern. Living with […]

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Courtney Says, “Hi” and Introduces Herself

Hey! My name is Courtney, and about 7 years ago my life was turned upside down. I was diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency. I was always sick as a child, and no doctor could figure out why this was. One day my Pediatrician saw the symptoms and said that I needed to be tested. To be […]

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Face Mask in a Crowd

Sick Friend -Weekend Trip

Face Mask in a Crowd? A couple of weeks ago my daughter went out of town with one of her friends. About mid-day Saturday she called to ask me what to buy at the drugstore for her friend who had a sore throat, cough and fever. My response, “ Don’t go to the drugstore, get […]

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I am NOT getting out of Bed

I am NOT Getting Out of Bed Today

  The alarm rings and I wake to another school day. I lay there convincing my eyes to open and my body to move and I wonder, “What will today be like?” I pray my young daughter will feel better, that her headache will not be bad and that she slept. Maybe even just that […]

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Crud – It’s Not Just The Infections Anymore

After awhile you become immune to new bad news. You learn to expect the unexpected and to go with the flow. The Immune Deficiency websites warn that sometimes a whacky immune system turns on its own body. Yep, the very system inherently designed to protect you, causes new problems. Kids with PIDD can sometimes grow […]

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Why is My Child Sick All Time?

Inherent in the heart of a parent is the desire to make our children feel better. But what if you can’t? What if your child spends more time at the doctor than they do at school? What if they have chicken pox three times and pneumonia more than once a year? When antibiotics become the […]

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